Brand Spotlight: Groceries


Groceries Apparel transforms waste into simple and quality products. They reduce the supply chain redundancy by establishing their own factory, while the entire design process, from initial storyboarding through pattern making and marker-making, is done in-house. With complete control over their operations, they're able to limit waste, reduce production time, avoid unnecessary shipping, and create fair-waged jobs in LA.


Viscera carries made in US brands only, which is a concept Groceries supports. Their motto is to empower human beings through fair trade, fair conditions, and fair treatment across the entire supply chain, and they follow through their claims by localizing manufacturing. They chose to not outsource their production to an overseas factory that they would only be able to visit a few times a year, so they can support their employees on a daily basis and empower their employees to voice their opinion. This is how they are able to provide more local jobs, higher quality, and better value. 

At Viscera, believe that sustainability is essential in fashion. This is why we love to feature pieces from the Groceries collection. Groceries use only 100% recycled or organic matierals. All of their products are 100% GMO-free, Pesticide & Herbicide-free, Recycled, Closed-lopp, and Fair-traded. This is important to us, because we care about the planet and people's well-being. We're always excited to carry their designs, because we share the same values and are concerned about the planet, as well as people's well-being.  

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