Brand Spotlight: Milkhaus Design

Anastasia Yip

The Milkhaus Design aesthetic is simple, modern and classic. The creator of the brand, Bethany balances natural materials with vibrant and bold colors.  All Milkhaus Design screen printed products are printed with Bethany’s original designs that are inspired by the everyday details she notices as she goes about her day. All dyed pieces are considered happy accidents — she custom mixes all dyes based on feeling rather than formula and is (almost) always pleasantly surprised at the results.

We at Viscera love Milkhaus, because of its practicality and simplicity. Viscera aims to curate a collection that will never go out of style, and the sleek designs in Milkhaus are perfect for that. Their modern edge is particularly inspiring, and we're definitely proud to present you products that are designed and made in America.

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