Brand Spotlight: Argaman & Defiance

Anastasia Yip

Argaman & Defiance (A&D) is a young company located in Chicago, where it has received excellent reviews. A&D creates 100% silk scarves naturally dyed by hand in a studio located in Chicago, Illinois. What's more: the dye extracts they use are all natural, collected from tree bark, roots, and leaves. Their hand dyed process is also an artfully crafted skill.

What I love about A&D is how each piece is simple, beautiful, unique. Their hand dyed blue and white crop top reminds me of waves in a Hawaiian beach, while their green scarf calls to mind deep forests in Yosemite. A&D is an environmentally conscious US-based business, whose values align with that of Viscera. This is why we proudly carry their products here.

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