Brand Spotlight: Shockhoe Atelier


Shockoe Denim Intro from anthony lupesco on Vimeo.


Founded by Anthony and Pierre Lupesco in 2012, Shockoe Atelier builds on the tradition and craft of the great European luxury houses, but with a distinctly American point of view. They pair exquisitely constructed denim made by hand in our Richmond VA workshop, with luxury tailored goods made to the same exacting standards in Italy. Extracting the experience of the Lupesco family, Anthony creates luxury denim that intersects functionality and quality.

What's fascinating is that everything from Shockoe Atelier is created in a workshop in Richmond. While many people associate high quality clothing with European brands, Shockhoe proves this arbitrary connection wrong. We don't need to look out of our country to find exquisite hand-crafted goods--some of them are right in the Bay Area.



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