Brand Spotlight: DeLaHooke

Yang Qu

DeLaHooke is a contemporary brand based in Los Angeles, LA, helmed by three strong and business-minded women. Their vision is to create simple, streamlined, yet sexy silhouettes with tried-and-true pieces that any woman can feel comfortable in. Their fabrics attest to this goal--soft, luxurious, and forgiving, they are undoubtedly modern and edgy.

It’s an amazing feat that their brand has had so much success in the span of two years. DeLaHooke’s story is inspiring as well--Nicole majored in International Studies in college, but through her work for other companies, realized that she would rather design her own women’s collections. Enlisting the help of her two sisters, Kendra and Alexa, photographer and social media blogger respectively, she built the brand from the ground up to where it is now.

It’s something that can resonate with many people: following one’s dream and gaining not just support but collaboration from family. Their passion and dedication really shines through in their work, and Viscera is proud to support the sisters and carry their brand at our store.

Featured: Clementine dress, Suri top, Shanti skirt, and Nia dress from DeLaHooke Spring 2015

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