Designer Spotlight: Shwood

Shwood is one of the brands we've been carrying from our beginnings. Their sunglasses are beautiful, and each pair is unique and expertly crafted. Shwood's glasses are made from a variety of natural materials.

Cannon Black Ebony Grey Glasses

As the name suggests, the brand started with wood sunglasses. To this day, their wood sunglasses are a big part of their brand, and wood manipulation is kept to a minimum to ensure that the natural beauty of the medium comes through in each piece. Shwood's in-house manufacturing takes place in Portland. Everything is done in their warehouse so that they can ensure a totally handmade, quality product. 

Photo from the Shwood Blog

Other materials used in their glasses include acetate, titanium, stone, newspaper, salvaged skateboards,feathers and flowers mixed with resin, and even Mercedes-Benz S-Class Dashboards. The frames are truly unique, and you're sure to find something for everyone when shopping for Shwood glasses. 

Canby Dark Walnut Wood Sunglasses

Shop our selection of Shwood glasses on the site or in store! 

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