Designer Spotlight: Fiber Florist

Flowers are beautiful but they do that pesky little thing where they're living organisms and wilt after a few days. That's why we love floral designs by Fiber Florist! Fiber Florist flowers are handmade by Vivian Truong right here in Oakland. A real-living-flower florist by day, Vivian knows a lot about the beauty of floral art. 

Each flower is cut, watercolored, and assembled by hand in Oakland. Vivian purchases the fibers for her flowers from a Massachusetts felt company (yay made in the USA!), and the felt is made from wool, bamboo, and recycled plastic bottles (yay eco-friendly!). The felt comes over 100 colors, so she can really focus on making her flowers look as close to their natural relatives as possible. 

Vivian furthers the striking accuracy of her flowers by watercoloring the felt to look more natural. Just look at the beautiful ombre detailing on this purple mum!

Right now we have a few fiber florist pieces in the store including some lovely boutonnieres for men, floral crowns that are perfect for summer celebrations and music festivals, and these mini copper holder bouquets pictured below. Vivian also does custom orders - her bouquets are perfect for weddings! If you have a special event coming up, support a local artist and make that bouquet last forever!

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