Designer Spotlight: Sock Hop

This week we're talking about one of our absolute favorite men's brands we carry: Sock Hop! If you've been in to try on one of their shirts or if you've bought one yourself, you know that Sock Hop does quality. They're a New York based company started by three brothers and their father, and their family has been in the shirting business for generations. The brothers learned from their father who learned from his father who learned from his uncle. The family cuts and sews each shirt right in the back of their New York store. Oh and in case you were wondering why they're called "Sock Hop" - their store also sells socks! We think their shirts are what make them truly special though, that's why we've been carrying them since we opened.

So what makes a Sock Hop shirt so special? Well besides the fact that they're handcrafted by this amazing (and seriously photogenic) family right here, the quality and fit really set them apart. We carry a number of different Sock Hop styles all made with different fabrics, all of which are comfortable and durable. The Dean Chambray shirt is a nice breathable fabric option for Spring and Summer, while the Madder Dress shirt is a 100% cotton shirt perfect for any summertime weddings or parties. For the colder months, they also make a great shirt jacket out of heavyweight combed cotton. 

It's clear that these gentlemen have an eye for style, fit, and detail. Each shirt is designed in-house and is made with single needle double-stitch seams so they'll last a very, very, very long time (if not forever). Come in and try one on if you haven't already, they're worth the investment! 

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