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24 Jun '16

Designer Spotlight: Fiber Florist

Posted by Karis Dodd

Flowers are beautiful but they do that pesky little thing where they're living organisms and wilt after a few days. That's why we love floral designs by Fiber Florist! Fiber Florist flowers are handmade by Vivian Truong right here in Oakland. A real-living-flower florist by day, Vivian knows a lot about the beauty of floral art. 

Each flower is cut, watercolored, and assembled by hand in Oakland. Vivian purchases the fibers for her flowers from a Massachusetts felt company (yay made in the USA!), and the felt is made from wool, bamboo, and recycled plastic bottles (yay eco-friendly!). The felt comes over 100 colors, so she can really focus on making her flowers look as close to their natural relatives as possible. 

Vivian furthers the striking accuracy of her flowers by watercoloring the felt to look more natural. Just look at the beautiful ombre detailing on this purple mum!

Right now we have a few fiber florist pieces in the store including some lovely boutonnieres for men, floral crowns that are perfect for summer celebrations and music festivals, and these mini copper holder bouquets pictured below. Vivian also does custom orders - her bouquets are perfect for weddings! If you have a special event coming up, support a local artist and make that bouquet last forever!

07 Jun '16

Designer Spotlight: Shwood

Posted by Karis Dodd

Shwood is one of the brands we've been carrying from our beginnings. Their sunglasses are beautiful, and each pair is unique and expertly crafted. Shwood's glasses are made from a variety of natural materials.

Cannon Black Ebony Grey Glasses

As the name suggests, the brand started with wood sunglasses. To this day, their wood sunglasses are a big part of their brand, and wood manipulation is kept to a minimum to ensure that the natural beauty of the medium comes through in each piece. Shwood's in-house manufacturing takes place in Portland. Everything is done in their warehouse so that they can ensure a totally handmade, quality product. 

Photo from the Shwood Blog

Other materials used in their glasses include acetate, titanium, stone, newspaper, salvaged skateboards,feathers and flowers mixed with resin, and even Mercedes-Benz S-Class Dashboards. The frames are truly unique, and you're sure to find something for everyone when shopping for Shwood glasses. 

Canby Dark Walnut Wood Sunglasses

Shop our selection of Shwood glasses on the site or in store! 

31 May '16

Designer Spotlight: Lord & Lady

Posted by Karis Dodd

We love good accessories, that's why we design our own 3-D jewelry. But good accessories work for both men and women, and that's why we love ties and bow-ties by Lord and Lady Co! Lord and Lady is the brainchild of Megan Cash, a SCAD costume design major who left the charms of the South for the beautiful Colorado Mountains.

Photo from the @lordandladyco Instagram

Megan designs and sews each tie herself, and her pieces reflect her attention to detail and eye for beautiful fabrics. The brand was started in 2012, and has grown to include women's designs as well as some very cute home goods that Megan carries on the Lord and Lady website. Oh also, she's a great cook and features recipes from time to time on the company blog

The Indigo Skinny Tie - available on our website!

We love pairing a Lord and Lady tie with a Sock Hop button down for a polished and dapper look. Read our previous blog post on Sock Hop to learn more about how you can create this put-together look while supporting two amazing American handmade companies! Shop our Lord and Lady Co. ties on the website or in the store. 


17 May '16

Designer Spotlight: Sock Hop

Posted by Karis Dodd

This week we're talking about one of our absolute favorite men's brands we carry: Sock Hop! If you've been in to try on one of their shirts or if you've bought one yourself, you know that Sock Hop does quality. They're a New York based company started by three brothers and their father, and their family has been in the shirting business for generations. The brothers learned from their father who learned from his father who learned from his uncle. The family cuts and sews each shirt right in the back of their New York store. Oh and in case you were wondering why they're called "Sock Hop" - their store also sells socks! We think their shirts are what make them truly special though, that's why we've been carrying them since we opened.

So what makes a Sock Hop shirt so special? Well besides the fact that they're handcrafted by this amazing (and seriously photogenic) family right here, the quality and fit really set them apart. We carry a number of different Sock Hop styles all made with different fabrics, all of which are comfortable and durable. The Dean Chambray shirt is a nice breathable fabric option for Spring and Summer, while the Madder Dress shirt is a 100% cotton shirt perfect for any summertime weddings or parties. For the colder months, they also make a great shirt jacket out of heavyweight combed cotton. 

It's clear that these gentlemen have an eye for style, fit, and detail. Each shirt is designed in-house and is made with single needle double-stitch seams so they'll last a very, very, very long time (if not forever). Come in and try one on if you haven't already, they're worth the investment! 

09 Jul '15

Brand Spotlight: Grey Goods

Posted by Yang Qu in brand spotlight, made in USA

Fashions fade, but style is eternal. Saint Laurent’s message is something Grey Goods must have taken into mind--they have a strong focus on creating mindful designs that are functional and stylish.

With a call to arms in the fashion world about going back to simple, timeless designs, it’s easy to see why Grey Goods has expanded their reach. While they still may have a limited number of selections right now, each product is handmade in their Portland studio from quality materials. Featuring leather, wool, canvas, and even fur, each one is made to last and adapt to wear. Each design is also featured in neutral colors, so you’ll be able to mix and match them with your wardrobe to your heart’s content.

The products truly speak for themselves, and what better way to make a statement than to let your accessory do the talking? We’re excited to carry Grey Goods at the store, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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